Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fourth year - Listening: Well-groomed

Listen to the following conversation between Jess and Tom, and answer the questions below:

1) Tom says he _______ long hair.
a) recently had
b) has never had
c) used to have

2) Tom has kept a beard ______
a) only when traveling
b) for work and travel
c) all his life

3) He has a hard time growing _____ .
a) sideburns
b) a mustache
c) a beard

4) He thinks shaved legs are _____ .
a) more comfortable
b) a bad idea
c) not out of the ordinary

5) Cyclists shave to ______
a) reduce wind resistance
b) make massages less painful
c) look faster

Click here to check your answers with the script.

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