Thursday, 29 October 2015

NA1 - Listening: health

Click on the following links for further listening practice on health issues.

- Vaccination

- Diabetes

Language snippets - Just

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

NA1 - Listening: Sicko

Michael Moore is a film director that a few years ago produced a film/documentary about health care in the United States. You know that the system in the US is quite different from our system, and citizens have to get insurance to cover their health needs.

Watch the first five minutes of the following video and answer the questions below.

  1. First scene: Why were the people rejected when they applied for health insurance?
  2. Second scene: Why did Michael Moore ask for emails?
  3. Doug Noe. What was the little girl’s problem? What did the insurance company tell the family? What did Doug do? What happened in the end?
  4. Becky Malke. What is her job? When can you be non-eligible for health insurance? Why does Becky become emotional in the video?

Click here to check your answers.

NA1 - Vocabulary and Pronunciation: Alternative treatments

These are the words related to alternative medicine we learnt in class yesterday:

Grammar: Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Click on the following links for further practice on present perfect:

- Worksheet 1

- Worksheet 2

- Worksheet 3

NA1 - Tuesday 27 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Pronunciation: Stress and sounds

- Speaking: questions on health and health care

- Grammar: present perfect simple and present perfect continuous

- Vocabulary: alternative therapies


- Complete activities on present perfect on page 134

- Read the text on page 16 and do the activity on vocabulary (c)

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

NA1 - Vocabulary: Health

Watch the following videos to practise the health-related vocabulary and its pronunciation:

Language Snippets - Minor Conditions

Language Snippets - Health Vocabulary

NA1 - Thursday 22 October 2015


- Speaking: work

- Quizz: first aid

- Vocabulary: health and diseases

- Vocabulary: health. Click here to see the document we worked on

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NA1 - Pronunciation: Homographs (Words spelt the same and with a different pronunciation)

Listen and repeat:
Wound - Wound

Lead - lead

Bass - bass

Row - row

doe - do

Tear - tear

dove -dove

NA1 - Pronunciation: nouns and verbs (stress)

Watch the following video to practise the pronunciation of some nouns and verbs in which the stress shifts.

For further practice, you can click on the following link: verbs and nouns

NA1 - Tuesday 20 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Listening: activities

- Speaking: Opinions about job interviews

- Speaking: Role play (Job interviews)

- Speaking/ vocabulary: qualities of a good job

- Pronunciation: similar spelling different pronunciation. You can hear the pronunciation of some of the sentences on this video:

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

NA1. Listening: The Bermuda Triangle

Study the following vocabulary:

- Aircraft: Any machine capable of flying

- Vanish into thin air: To disappear

- Wreckage: The remains of something that has been destroyed

- Sustain a theory: To support

- Legend has it: Legend says, it is said...

- Distress call: A signal sent out by a ship or plane indicating that help is needed.

- A boatyard. A place where boats  are built and restored

- a compass: An instrument for finding direction

Click on the following link to watch a video on the Bermuda triangle mystery and answer the questions.

NA1 - Language snippets: Synonyms of speak/talk

Monday, 19 October 2015

NA1. Listening: work

Click on the following links to practise your listening skills:

- Working conditions

- Part-time Job

- Working as an army musician

- Apprenticeship

- Workhalism. Click here for the script 

Language snippets: Comparison

Vocabulary: work

Watch the following video to learn some expressions related to work:

Grammar: the + comparative ... the + comparative

Click on the links below for further practice of this grammar point:

- Activity 1

- Activity 2

NA1 - Thursday 15 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Grammar: auxiliary verbs

- Grammar: the + comparative... the + comparative

- Video: job interviews

- Vocabulary: work. Click here to see the worksheet


Finish the activities on pages pages 12 and 13 (Part 3 /// Looking at Language /// In the Street)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

NA1. Pronunciation: Can and can't

Watch the video to practise the pronunciation of this minimal pair:

Grammar: another and other

Click on the links below to do some practice on another, other...

- Activity 1

Activity 2

- Activity 3

NA1. Grammar: much and many

Click on the following links to do some practice on much and many.


- Much: Used with uncountable nouns and in negative and questions.
- Many: Used with countable nouns and mainly in negative and questions. Note that you can also use many in positive sentences
- A lot (of): Used with countable and uncountable nouns.

- Activity 1

- Activity 2

- Activity 3

NA1. English snippets - so and too

NA1 - Tuesday 13 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Exam review ---- mistakes

- Listening: your signature

- Vocabulary: personality adjectives (compound adjectives)

- Speaking: guess who


Complete activities on page 133

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Language snippets - Story writing

NA1. Grammar: auxiliary verbs

Click on the following links for further practice on auxiliary verbs:

Echo Questions

- Activity 1

To Avoid Repetition

- Activity 2

So/Neither - disagreeing

- Activity 3

- Activity 4

NA1. Grammar: Narrative tenses

Click on the following links for further practice on narrative tenses:

- Activity 1

- Activity 2

- Activity 3. Listen to the audio on this link: mystery story. You can do the activity by clicking on this link: fill in the gaps. Check your answers here.

NA1 - Thursday 8 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Writing: story writing

- Grammar: Auxiliary verbs

- Speaking: so / neither

- Echo questions

- Speaking: question tags


Write a story, using one of the suggestions from the handout.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

NA1 - Listening - An astrologer

Watch the video below and answer the questions:

- What does he say about being an astrologer?
- What does he say about being a palmist?
- Do astrologers and palmists predict the future?  
- What is astrologers' and palmists’ job?

Now watch the next video and answer the questions:

  1. Which astrologer or palmist should people choose?
  2. What kind of astrologers and palmists does the speaker not recommend?
  3. Why did he get into palmistry at the age of 17?
  4. What kind of people go to see him?
  5. Why do men like palmistry rather than horoscopes?
  6. Does he look at his own future?

Click here to check your answers

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Language Snippets - Conjunctions

NA1 - Listening: Stonehenge

Watch the video below and study the following vocabulary to understand the audio:

- regard: To consider

- burial mound: a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs.

- outer: external

- the reverse: the opposite

- crop: cultivated plants

- harvest: to gather crops

  Watch the video and say whether the following statements are TRUE and FALSE, according to what you hear. Correct the information in the false statements.

1. What people regard Stonehenge, it is only a small part of a very large ancient archaeological site.
2. In the area you can see the ancient burial mounds of the kings and queens that ruled in England for centuries.
3. The mystery of Stonehenge lies in the fact that we don't know why it was built, but the speaker hopes one day we'll find out.
4. It is almost certain that Stonehenge had a ceremonial use.
5. Two of the explanations the speaker gives are related to the sun and the tides.
6. There is also the belief that Stonehenge was a massive calendar, something to do with fertility rites, that is, it told people where it was best for a woman to give birth. 

Click here to check your answers.

Monday, 5 October 2015

NA1 - Thursday 1 October 2015

Summary of the class:

- Reading: Noises in the Night and The Strange Object on the Hill

- Listening: The Coffee Cup Reading

- Listening: Do Fairies exist? Video.

 Questions: What does the video say about...?

* 1917 /// Frances Griffiths/// Elsie Wright
* The stream?
* Camera?
* Arthur Conan Doyle?
* 1920?
* 1983/magazine article?
* Frances's daughter?

- Song: I'm not a Fortune Teller by Maroon 5

- Read the handout about story writing and complete the activities. Click here to see the handout.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Language snippets: Also, too, as well

NA1. Listening: Star signs

Watch the following video and complete the questions below. Then check your answers by re-watching the video with subtitles that you find at 4'05.

1. Name: _________________
    Astrological sign: _________________
   Characteristics: ___________, ____________, at the top of the zodiac.

2. Astrological sign: _______________
    Characteristics: _______________, ___________________, and _____________
    Name: ______________________

3.  Name: Jerry
    Astrological sign: __________________
    Characteristics: _________________ and ______________

4. Name: Peter
    Astrological sign: ________________
    Characteristics: __________________, ________________ and __________________

5. Name: Michelle
    Astrological sign: ______________
    Characteristics: Stubborn, ___________________, and _____________

6.  Name: Chuck
     Astrological sign: ___________________
     Characteristics: versatile, _______________, _________________, and split-personality type.

7. Name: Nadine
    Astrological sign: _______________
    Characteristics: _________________, _____________, and _____________

8. Name: Cindy
    Astrological sign: ____________
    Characteristics: ________________, _______________, __________________, ____________, and a little bit ostentatious

9. Name: Peter
    Astrological sign: __________________
    Characteristics: ___________________, easy to get along with, having a good ___________

10. Name: _____________________
      Astrological sign: __________________
      Characteristics: __________________

11. Name: Bill
      Astrological sign: __________________
      Characteristics: ________________, _____________, _____________, __________, egomaniac

12. Name: ____________
      Astrological sign: __________________
      Characteristics: ___________________, _______________, and prone to hiccups.