Thursday, 29 January 2009

First year- the months of the year

Listen to the pronunciation of the different months of the year. Click here to see the video.

First year - Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Listen to the pronunciation of numbers. Click here to see the video.

First year - Wednesday 28 January 2009 1ºC-2

Summary of the class:

- Listening test.

- Page 31. Listening practice: Simon's stressed day.

- Page 31. Speaking. What time...? Daily routine

- Speaking and writing. A day in the life of an English teacher.

- Page 31. Pronunciation: the letter "o"

- Page 32. Grammar and reading. Adverbs of frequency.

- Page 127. Adverbs of frequency: practice. Exercise 3C a


- Finish exercise 3C b on page 127

- Read the text "The Mystery of Okinawa" on page 32 and do exercise 2b

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

First year - Tuesday 27 January 2009 - 1ºC

Summary of the class:

- Speaking practice: Family and jobs

-Page 148: Time words and expression: Every day/week/month/year... ; once/twice/three/four... times a week/month/year...

- Oral practice: How often...?

- Page 33. Speaking. The Okinawa Way. Do the quiz.

- Page 33. Pronunciation. The letter "h"

- Review of file 3C. Adverbs and Time expressions

- Page 34. Reading. Festivals.


There is a listening practice on Thursday 29 January. Good luck, guys!

4th year - 27 January 2009

Summary of the class:

- Pages 46-47: Reading old-fashioned English. Entries to Captain Scott's diaries.

- Page 46: Listening practice. A historian talking about Scott's mistakes in his expedition to the South Pole

- Oral practice: Risks. Conditionals (second type)

- Grammar: should/shouldn't have + past participle


There is a listening practice on Thursday, which will take place in the laboratory. Good luck, guys!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

First year - Daily Routine

Here you have a review of the verbs you can use to talk about daily routine plus some extra ones. Click here to see the video. Happy learning!

First year - Telling the time

Here's a video to practise how to tell the time in English. Click here to see the video. Enjoy!

First year -Monday 26th January 2009 1ºC-2

Summary of the class:

-Listening practice: Family and Jobs

-Speaking practice: Times and routine

- Listening: Simon's routine: Page 31.


- There is a "listening practice" next Wednesday 28th January 2009. Good luck, guys!!!


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