Wednesday, 14 March 2018

5ºA - Wednesday 14 March 2018

Summary of the class:

- Speaking: Presentations about Irish history and geography

- Grammar: Narrative tenses and participle clauses

- Vocabulary: Crimes

- Listening: Car theft

- Vocabulary: Crimes

- Listening: Crimes

- Speaking: Crime

Language Snippets - Synonyms

5ºC - Tuesday 13 March 2018

Summary of the class:

- Vocabulary: The Law

- Grammar: Conditional Sentences

- Speaking: Conditional Sentences

- Grammar: Inversions (conditional sentences), mixed conditional sentences, conditional conjunctions

- Brainstorming: Work

- Vocabulary: Work

- Listening: Review


Complete the activities on pages 174 and 175 (grammar)

NA2 - Listening: Cybercrime

Click on the links below for further practice:

- Botnets --- audio ---- script

- Yahoo accounts attacked

- Digital Spying

- Hacking to stop hackers

- Online Perils ---- audio--- questions---- script

- Social Network scams --- audio --- script

5ºB - Tuesday 13 March 2018

Summary of the class:

- Vocabulary: The Law

- Listening: Crime

- Vocabulary: Punishment

- Video: What is phishing?

- Speaking: Cybercrime

- Review: Listening


Complete the activities on page 174 - 175 (Grammar)

Monday, 12 March 2018

Language Snippets - Idioms with 'book'

I'm afraid physics will always be a closed book to me.
I'd always thought of Jeff as an open book.
You won't be a very successful thief with that nervous demeanour—the cops will read you like a book.
 Selling tourists fake artifacts is the oldest trick in the book—please don't fall for that one.
I’ll ask my boss for the day off – I’m in her good books just now.
The police were careful to do everything by the book.
They are committing $3m to research. We could take a leaf out of their book.
 He seems very quiet, but you can't judge a book by its cover.
My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I got the blame for our company's collapse.

NA2 - Vocabulary: Crime

Watch the videos to practise the vocabulary on crime: