Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fourth year. Sleep deprivation (I'm reposting this since the link to the video is no longer available)

Peter Tripp was a radio DJ from the mid 1950s. In 1959 he took part in an experiment of sleep deprivation. For much of the wakeathon, he sat in a glass booth in Times Square. This is his the first part of his story

Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?

1. Peter Tripp had decided to raise money to give to the radio.
2. People thought he could only stay awake for two or three days.
3. Dr Louis Jolly West tried to convince Tripp's employers to give up
the experiment.
4. Dr Jolly West knew well what the effects of sleep deprivations were.
5. Scientits in the late 50s wanted to try new experiments on sleep deprivation.
6. Tripp was absolutely determined to go ahead with the experiment.
7. Dr West accepted to be a consultant because he didn't want to waste the money
8. When Tripp started the experiment he decided to work 4 hours a day.
9. The consultants had to make sure Mr Tripp was always awake.
10. After three days Mr Tripp cheated successfully.
11. After the third day he became very aggressive.
12. When his body temperature lowered he became lethargic.
13. He had a hallucination and run away into the street.
15. The doctors found out that the hallucinations corresponded to the dream phase of sleep.

16. Mr Tripp's brain was behaving has if he was dreaming while awake.
17.He was unable to carry on with the radio programme.
18. On the night before the end of the experiment everybody wanted him to stop.
19. He started thinking he was someone else.
20. The doctors found out that his brain worked as if he was asleep.
21. His wife thought he was perfectly normal after the experiment.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

First year. Listening: An old friend

Watch the following video and answer the questions below.


- fiancée: prometida - fiancé: prometido
- engaged: comprometido.
1. When and where did Jane see Simon?
2. Who is Deb?
3. How long was Matt and Deb together?
4.When did Matt last see Deb?
5. Jane's lie

a) Who is she?
b)Where did she and Matt meet?
c)Where did they get engaged?
d)Why isn’t Jane wearing a ring?

6.What does Helen say to Deb?
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

First year. Listening: A new neighbour

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

a) What time is it now?


b) What time does the film start?


c) What do the girls think about the new neighbour?

not nice.
not good looking
nice and good looking.

d) They decided to:

welcome the new neighbour.
say hello.
ask about the car.

2. Write "F" or "T" :

a) The girls' names are Jane and Emily.
b) The new neighbour drinks Coke.
c) David is from Manchester.
d) Helen is a marketing manager.
e) David isn't a lawyer
f) The new neighbour works for a sports magazine.
g) He works at home on Mondays and Fridays.
h) He plays football on weekends.
i) He has a girlfriend.
j) The film starts in 10 minutes when David phones the girls.

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First year - 1ºB - Wednesday 2 June 2010

Summary of the class:

- Questions: revision

- Superlatives: speaking practice

- Speaking: revision. Board game.

Fourth year - 4ºA - Wednesday 2 June 2010

Summary of the class:

- Listening: revision

- Speaking: conversation in groups

- Free speaking

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

First year: Weather

Watch the videos below to practise weather vocabulary and expressions:

First year - 1ºB - Monday 31 May 2010

Summary of the class:

- Revision: questions

- Comparison: revision

- Vocabulary: weather

- Reading: extreme living

- Grammar: superlatives

- Revision: formation of questions

Fourth year - 4ºD - Monday 31 May 2010

Summary of the class:

- Children and technology

- Speaking practice


Write an essay stating the advantages and disadvantages of technology for children in Spain.