Thursday, 3 June 2010

First year. Listening: A new neighbour

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

a) What time is it now?


b) What time does the film start?


c) What do the girls think about the new neighbour?

not nice.
not good looking
nice and good looking.

d) They decided to:

welcome the new neighbour.
say hello.
ask about the car.

2. Write "F" or "T" :

a) The girls' names are Jane and Emily.
b) The new neighbour drinks Coke.
c) David is from Manchester.
d) Helen is a marketing manager.
e) David isn't a lawyer
f) The new neighbour works for a sports magazine.
g) He works at home on Mondays and Fridays.
h) He plays football on weekends.
i) He has a girlfriend.
j) The film starts in 10 minutes when David phones the girls.

Click here to check your answers.

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