Tuesday, 14 April 2015

B2 - Listening: Education in Great Britain

Watch the following video about the education system in the UK and complete the sentences:

  1. ________________education in the UK is _________________ between ages of 5 and 16.
  2. Children ____________________primary school from the ages of 5 to 11.
  3. There are about ______________to _____________children in each class
  4. One of its _________________ is to teach children to read well and to ______________numbers.
  5. Schools usually devote an hour to ___________________ and an hour to ________________.
  6. A lot of the ____________________ in schools is bought with money that schools and parents collect through special events and ____________________.
  7. Children go to secondary school when they are _________________.
  8. Children wear a special jacket, called a _____________________.
  9. Except for Scotland, ________________schools in Britain follow a national _______________.
  10. The emphasis is on the three _________________subjects: English, mathematics, and science.
  11. There are _____________________tests in these subjects for all fourteen-year-olds.
  12. After they are sixteen, students takes _________________________exams
  13. Around 17% of students then continue to ______________________education, specialising in 3 or 4 subjects.
  14. They may take ___________________exams.
  15. Students can choose any ________________at any university, but they have to have the right ___________________.
  16. Between school and university some people take a __________________year, a year out of education for work experience or to travel.
  17. One in three students goes on higher education, either to university or to do ________________ training.
  18. Going to university is expensive. Parents have to pay for each year’s _____________________ and provide living _____________________ for their children.
  19. Some parents can’t afford this, so students have to take out ____________________.
  20. The majority of universities teach by ________________ and __________________.
  21. There are a lot of ___________________ to join and sports to play.
  22. At the end of their courses students pass their _________________ exams and ________________________.

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