Wednesday, 29 April 2015

B2. Vocabulary: Vegetables

Watch the video above and answer the questions:

  1. How are potatoes often used?
  2. How can you cook squash?
  3. How is parsley used?
  4. How is ginger used?
  5. Are yams and sweet potatoes the same?
  6. How is the sweet potato different to the yam?
  7. How can you use broccoli?
  8. How are parsnips cooked?
  9. How is cabbage cooked?
  10. How are bean sprouts used?
  11. How are green onions used?
  12. When are Brussels sprouts used?
  13. Who loves carrots?

Watch the following video and complete the sentences below:

  1. Fennel has a _________________flavour
  2. Avocados have light green ________________and used in a Mexican ____________ called guacamole
  3. Radishes are red and come in different __________________and they’re slightly __________________.
  4. Chinese cabbage is used in ________________________ /// ______________________and coleslaw
  5. __________________ beets are served hot and cold
  6. Kale needs quite a lot of cooking in order to make it ____________________
  7. Garlic is a __________________________of ________________________
  8. Shallots are used in French cooking and have a ____________________flavour than the onion
  9. Hot peppers are used in ___________________, Mexican, and some Chinese cooking
  10. Corn can be eaten cold, hot, or in a ________________
  11. There’s artichoke ___________________which is used in salads and the leaves are _________________
  12. Green beans are _________________and ______________________

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