Thursday, 9 April 2015

A1. First year - Listening: My Holiday To London

Watch the following video and complete the sentences below with verbs in the past simple:

  1. Last year my family and I ____________on holiday to London.
  2. We ______________so many places
  3. First, we ______________the London Eye. That ____________incredible. It was so high. There _______________a great view from the top. We _______________see the whole city from up there. We __________________other tourists in small boats going up and down the River Thames.
  4. Then we _______________the London Bridge, the Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament. I really _______________them
  5. In the afternoon we _____________to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. This is a really old building. It looks more like a church than a gallery.
  6. After that, we _______________Buckingham Palace. It _______________very big. We even __________________soldiers changing the guard. That was funny. They were so serious.
  7. In the evening we ________________to the Piccadilly Circus. It _________________so cool. It ____________________huge screens with advertisements on it. There ________________lots of people there all the time. Many of them _________________tourists from all over the world, just like us.
  8. I even __________________a call in a typical red telephone box.
  9. Later we ___________________so tired of walking that we took a famous red bus to the Tower of London. It was huge.
  10. Afterwards, we __________________to see the Royal Albert Hall. I ____________________ that. It was boring. However, I really _____________________Madame Tussauds. There ________________rooms full of wax figures of famous people. There ________________________lots of famous people like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Monroe. The Royal Family ___________________there too. My favourites were Prince William and Kate. I _______________________a photograph of them.
  11. The only place I ______________________ was the Dungeon. It ____________________very dark and scary, too.
  12. At night we ______________________back to see the Piccadilly Circus. It ____________________even nicer because you ____________________only see the big bright screens. We also ___________________________to see the Eye and the Tower Bridge again. I _____________________photos of them. I _____________________ they _________________spectacular. I __________________London. It ______________the best holiday of my life.

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