Monday, 30 May 2016

NA1 - Thursday 26 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Reading: Misleading advertisements

- Listening: Advertising techniques

- Speaking: Advertising

- Speaking: Monologues

- Grammar/speaking: Contrast and purpose

Language Snippets - Body Idioms

Listening and Reading: Misleading Commercials

Watch the following video to practise your listening and reading skills (the video is subtitled) and the vocabulary on advertising:

NA1 - Tuesday 24 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Listening: Acting

- Listening: In the street

- Publicity: Vocabulary

- Advertising: Old advertisements. What is wrong with them?

- Speaking: Advertising

- Reading: Misleading Advertisements

- Listening: Jingles


- Complete the comprehension activities on page 84

Monday, 23 May 2016

Writing. iDiots

Watch the following short film. Then write a text, e.g. an essay, in which you can express your opinion about what you see on the video and what the creator of the film tries to teach us. You can hand your text in after you have written it.

Language Snippets. Idioms: Parts of the Body

Friday, 20 May 2016

NA1 - Thursday 19 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Reading activities: pages 70 and 71

- Vocabulary: Describing a picture/photo/painting

- Speaking: Describing pictures/photos/paintings

- Vocabulary: theatre and acting

- Speaking: acting


- Watch the videos on page 72 and 73 (parts I, II, and III) and complete the activities

- Describe a picture in writing or orally

- Monologue about acting, theatre, films in writing or orally.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Language Snippets - Idiom: Stand on your own two feet

Language Snippets: Expressions with 'hand'

NA1. B2. Listening: How to spot a liar

Watch the following video. 

Select from the list the signs a liar might show:

  • Looking up to the right
  • Looking up to the left
  • Looking downwards
  • Shifty eyes
  • Sitting comfortably in a chair
  • Rubbing your neck
  • Shrugging your shoulders
  • Tapping your fingers
  • Snapping your fingers
  • Looking at your watch
  • Closing your eyes
  • Leaning back in your chair
  • Sitting to the side
  • Fidgeting in your chair
  • Keeping your arms crossed
  • Keeping your arms tightly folded and on their lap

Watch the video again and answer the following questions:

If Jason display a clear sign he is lying, why is he then actually telling the truth?
And what does it mean when people change the conversation?

Click here to check your answers.

NA1. B2. Listening: Body Language

Watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. What does it mean when you have your feet pointed sideways?
  2. What does the four figure position mean?
  3. How does a woman show she is interested in a particular man?
  4. When a couple are holding hands, why does the man’s hand usually come on top?
  5. What elements say something about you according to the woman?

Click here to check your answers

NA1 - Tuesday 17 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Grammar: Verbs of the senses

- Vocabulary: the body

- Grammar: As and Like

- Reading: What Every Body is Saying

- Speaking and listening: Body language

- Listening: review


- Complete activity on page 69 (Minigrammar)

- Complete the reading comprehension questions (page 70)

Friday, 13 May 2016

B2. NA1. Verb collocations with parts of the body

Watch the following video to practise some expressions with parts of the body:

B2. NA1. Vocabulary: the body

Watch the following videos to practise the vocabulary of the human body and its pronunciation:

B2. NA1. Grammar: Verbs of the senses

Click on the following links to practise the use of the verbs of the senses:

- Activity 1

- Activity 2

B2. NA1. Vocabulary: the senses

Watch the video below and learn how to pronounce the words for the five senses:

NA1 - Tuesday 12 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Brainstorming: the senses

- Listening: Fran Dresher

- Grammar: Verbs of the senses

- Speaking: It souds like... It sounds as if...

- Speaking: guess the object

- Listening: photographs

- Listening: Acting on the radio

- Vocabulary: the body

- Listening: Slow Food Movement.


- Complete the grammar activities on page 145 (Verbs of the Senses)

- Complete the vocabulary activities on page 159 (The body)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Language Snippets - Lay or Lie?

Language Snippets: Remind

Language Snippets. Idiom: Easier Said than Done

NA1. B2- Vocabylary: Verbs easily confused

Click on the links below to practise the verbs we learnt yesterday:

- Care - Matter - Mind

- Raise - Rise 1

- Raise - Rise 2

- Expect - hope - look forward to

- Seem - Look

- Rob - Steal

- Lay - Lie 1

- Lay - Lie 2

- Lay - Lie 3

- Lay - Lie 4

- Lay - Lie 5

- Lay - Lie 6

NA1 - B2. Grammar: would rather

Click on the links below to practise the use of would rather:

- Would rather and had better

- Would rather, prefer, and had better

NA1 - Tuesday 10 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Grammar: Past modals

- Listening: Arguing

- Speaking: dialogues - arguments

- Mini grammar: would rather

- Speaking: Would you rather...?

- Vocabulary: Verbs often confused.


Write the dialogues you worked on in class. Or play them out with one of your partners and record them for me to mark. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

NA1 - B2: Grammar: Past Modals

Click on the following links to do some extra practice on perfect modals:

- Activity 1

- Activity 2

NA1 - Thursday 5 May 2016

Summary of the class:

- Reading: What music would you play to an alien?

- Reading: How men and women argue

- Speaking: dialogues

- Grammar: past modals

- Pronunciation: weak form of 'have'

- Song:Anything you do... (The song starts at 1'15)


Complete the activities on page 144

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Language snippets - Conclusion

Language Snippets - Music Vocabulary

NA1 - Thursday 28 April 2016

Summary of the class:

- Grammar: infinitives and -ing

- Listening: work

- Speaking: monologues

- Listening: arguing

- Reading: how women and men argue

- Listening: Men's and women's brains


Complete the reading activities on page 55 and 65