Wednesday, 18 May 2016

NA1. B2. Listening: How to spot a liar

Watch the following video. 

Select from the list the signs a liar might show:

  • Looking up to the right
  • Looking up to the left
  • Looking downwards
  • Shifty eyes
  • Sitting comfortably in a chair
  • Rubbing your neck
  • Shrugging your shoulders
  • Tapping your fingers
  • Snapping your fingers
  • Looking at your watch
  • Closing your eyes
  • Leaning back in your chair
  • Sitting to the side
  • Fidgeting in your chair
  • Keeping your arms crossed
  • Keeping your arms tightly folded and on their lap

Watch the video again and answer the following questions:

If Jason display a clear sign he is lying, why is he then actually telling the truth?
And what does it mean when people change the conversation?

Click here to check your answers.

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