Saturday, 29 January 2011

Second year. Listening: comparatives and superlatives

Watch the following video in which some people answer questions, using comparatives and superlatives. Answer the questions below.


1. Which twin sister is older, Adele or Keavy? How much older is she?

2. What do the following people answer: Which is bigger, New York or San Francisco?

- Deboarh:
- Neil:
- Shannon:
- Kelly:
- Randee:

3. Who can cook better?

- Maureen or Raphael:
- Deboarh or Neil:
- Debra or Laura:
- Mia or Shauna:
- Archie or Helen:


Watch the second part of the video and complete the sentences with a superlative:

1. Michael thinks that the ________________ city in the USA is New York.

2. Mary thinks that Greece is the _____________ country in the world.

3. Patty says that the ___________ country in the world is Antarctica.

4. Kevin says that Glasgow is the ___________ city in Scotland.

5. June thinks that Perth is the __________ part in Scotland.

6. Eoin says that Dublin is the __________ city in Ireland

7. Eoin says that Galway is the __________ city in Ireland.

8. Dermot says that the River Shannon is the ________ river in Ireland.

9. Mary Louise says that the ___________ place for them to visit is England because there's no language barrier.

10. Ken likes France the _________

11. Hayles thinks that the French are delightful people, the ___________ in the world.

The Most Beautiful Language

Watch the third part of the video and answer the question:

What is the most beautiful language for...?

- Adam
- Laura
- Keesha, Celeste and Mary:
- Cheryl:
- Robert:
- Deboarh:
- Neil:
- Jim:
- Robin:
- Rebecca:
- Maureen:
- Richard:
- Sheri:
- Yale:
- Alexander:
- Debra:
- Kelly:

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