Tuesday, 6 October 2015

NA1 - Listening: Stonehenge

Watch the video below and study the following vocabulary to understand the audio:

- regard: To consider

- burial mound: a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs.

- outer: external

- the reverse: the opposite

- crop: cultivated plants

- harvest: to gather crops

  Watch the video and say whether the following statements are TRUE and FALSE, according to what you hear. Correct the information in the false statements.

1. What people regard Stonehenge, it is only a small part of a very large ancient archaeological site.
2. In the area you can see the ancient burial mounds of the kings and queens that ruled in England for centuries.
3. The mystery of Stonehenge lies in the fact that we don't know why it was built, but the speaker hopes one day we'll find out.
4. It is almost certain that Stonehenge had a ceremonial use.
5. Two of the explanations the speaker gives are related to the sun and the tides.
6. There is also the belief that Stonehenge was a massive calendar, something to do with fertility rites, that is, it told people where it was best for a woman to give birth. 

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