Friday, 30 October 2009

First year - 1ºC - 29 October 2009

Summary of the class:

- Revision of vowel sounds.

- Page 17. Consonant sounds /v, d, s, z, l, w/ and pronunciation of 3rd person singular -s

- Page 18. Reading e-mails. Natasha and Darren

- Page 18. Grammar and listening: Present simple ?

- Speaking practice: questions and short answers in present simple.

- Halloween: vocabulary. Click here to practise the pronunciation of words related to this festivity.

- Halloween: Crossword. Click here to see the crossword puzzle on Halloween.

- Page 19. Listening: Natasha and Darren... a successful or a disastrous date?


- Page 125: Exercises a and b (2B)

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