Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fourth year - Listening practice: Meeting the parents

This is a video of a sitcom called: Dharma and Greg. This is a part of the first episode. After knowing each other for just one day, Greg and Dharma get married. Watch the video and answer the questions:


- bar mitzvah: A Jewish religious ceremony when a girl is considered to be an adult

- Tums: Trademark... Tablets for heartburn relief

- Fascist: An insult word to refer to someone who has very right-wing opinions.

1. Why does Greg say they're nuts?

2. What does Dharma say happens at 8.00 a.m?

3. How does Dharma answer the phone?

4. Who's calling?

5. where does Dharma say she and Greg are when she's talking on the phone?

6. Why is Dharma's friend hitting a motorbike with a bat?

7. What does Dharma's friend whisper in Greg's ear?

8. Who's Nunzio?

9. Who's the naked woman in Dharma's flat?

10. Why is Dharma's father naked and has an apple?

11. Why does Dharma's mother tell them they should lie to her father about their marriage?

12. What does Dharma tell Greg's parents about her religion?

13. Why does Greg's father think that his son married Dharma?

14. What is Greg's father's opinion about Dharma?

15. What does Dharma do for a living?

Click here to see the answers to the questions.

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