Friday, 20 November 2009

First year - 1ºC - Thursday 19 November 2009

Summary of the class:

- Checking in a hotel: dialogue. Order the dialogue. Click here to see the document.

- Page 24. Social English. Mark and Allie. Listen and complete the chart.

- Page 27. Listening practice

- Warming up activity: USA

- Page 28. USA quiz. Complete the questionnaire by using an adjective and a noun from the selected ones.

- Page 29. Grammar: Adjectives. Position and form

- Page 146. Colour adjectives and other common adjectives. Click here to practise the colours.

- Page 29. Adjective race: Write as many combinations of "adjective + noun" as possible.

- Speaking practice. Possessive 's + adjectives

Note: Remember that we have a writing test next Tuesday. Good luck.

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