Thursday, 3 December 2009

First year - 1ºB - Wednesday 2 December 2009

Summary of the class:

- Listening practice: We listened to the exercise for the test again.

- Descriptions. Click here to read the document we worked in class with.

- Speaking practice. The usual suspects. Describe and identify the people on the paper. Click here to see the document.

- Page 29. Adjectives: feelings.

- Speaking practice. Describe the pictures and find out whether your pictures and your partner's are the same or different. Click here to see the document.


Write a letter in which you include a description of yourself or of another person. OR write descriptions of people. Use photos from a magazine.


We're having the oral test/exercise next Wednesday. Remember that we will be in room 9 where we will see a film.

Los examenes orales tendrán lugar el próximo miércoles. Recordad que estaremos en el aula 9 donde veremos una película.

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