Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fifth year - Tuesday 28 October 2014

Summary of the class:

- Opinion essays: connectors

- Different kinds of essays

  1. Opinion Essay
    1. Introduction (state the topic + your opinion)
    2. Body (Paragraphs developing your opinion + a paragraph explaining the opposite viewpoint)
    3. Conclusion (restate your opinion, using other words)
  2. Argumentative essay (e.g. advantages and disadvantages)
    1. Introduction (state the topic)
    2. Body (Paragraphs about advantages + paragraphs about disadvantages)
    3. Conclusion (Balanced consideration + your opinion)
  3. Discursive essay (Analysis of a topic)
    1. Introduction (state the topic)
    2. Body (Viewpoints + opposite viewpoints)
    3. Conclusion (summary + your opinion)

- Speaking: charity. Click here to read the questions

- Reading: Common Wealth Economics For a Crowded Planet

- Speaking: create your own charity


- Write an opinion essay about one of the topics suggested in the handout

- Read the grammar reference on page 141 (the... the + comparatives) and complete the activities

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