Monday, 6 October 2014

Fifth year - Listening. The Arnolfini Portrait

Watch the first five minutes of the following video and answer the questions below:


- Nicked: stolen
- War booty: Stolen goods in the war
- Unravel a mystery: To solve a mystery
- Flaunt one's wealth: To show off/ to display ostentatiously 
- Poppycock: Nonsense
- Window sill: 

  1. Where is the Arnolfini portrait on display?
  2. How did the museum acquire the painting?
  3. Who did the painting originally belong to?
  4. What does the gallery’s catalogue say about the mystery of the painting?
  5. How does the catalogue interpret the fruit on the windows?
  6. What does the man on the video say about the fruit?
  7. What did cherries represent?
Click here to see the answer to your questions.

Watch the rest of the video to learn more about the portrait.

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