Wednesday, 29 October 2014

B2. Fifth year : Listening - Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs is the man who we read the text about yesterday. Watch him in the following video and complete the sentences below:

  1. When I first began the Millennium Villages project four years ago by going to __________places in Africa, I was quite ____________that if we helped with agriculture, education, health, and so fort, these places could find a way out of poverty.
  2. If every village had _______________      ________________ and it had computers in the schools, in the clinics, in the community centres, in the farmer cooperatives… there would be no such thing as ______________anymore.
  3. Now any village where I go, someone’s got a cell phone, somebody can make an ______________    ________, someone can find out the _________    ____    ______    __________, someone can start a ____________empowered by the fact that they can reach a customer or a ___________, someone can drive a taxi or a truck.
  4. What worries me is that we’re so close to the edge and _______________   _________ and ____________    _____________ and a ________________    ______________.
  5. By 2025 we could live in a world in which extreme ____________is eliminated.
  6. What does that mean? Everybody would have __________________to eat, everybody would have access to _______________, everybody would have access to ________________        ________________    _____________ , everybody would live in a ______________________where there’s a school and a clinic.
  7. We could be the generation to end ________________poverty on the planet. No other generation before us could make that _____________

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