Saturday, 6 February 2010

First year. Listening: Can

Watch the video below and answer the questions:

Part 1: Can you play...?

1. What instrument can Shirley play?

2. What instrument can Ghia play?

3. Can Robin play any musical instruments?

4. How well can Billy play the guitar?

5. Can Leslie play a musical instrument?

6. Can Helen sing?

Part 2: Can you cook?

1. Can Michael cook?

2. Can Daina cook pasta?

3. What's Loren's best dish?

4. What can Andrew cook?

5. What's Ann's best dish?

6. Can Jonathan cook?

Part 3: What else can you do?

1. What can Bernadette do?

2. Can Marie Noelle play the guitar?

3. What can Daina do?

4. What can Lynn do?

5. What can Alison do?

6. Can Alli play football?

7. What languages can Maria speak?

8. Can Michelle sing?

Watch the video with subtitles to check your answers.

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