Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fourth year. Listening: Ian Usher

Next week we are going to read a text about Ian Usher, a man who sold his whole life on ebay. Watch the video below and answer the questions.


1- True or false? Ian has become a celebrity in the last few days and many television channels, national and international, are interested in getting his interview.

2. What is the first thing Ian mentioned before talking about the items he intended to sell?

3. What made Ian put his whole life for sale?

4. Apart from the house and the furniture, what other things are for sale?

5. True or false? It took months for his offer to get some publicity.

6. What was the highest bid he got for his stuff?

7. What is the money he expects to get?

8. What do Ian's family and friends think?

9. What does Ian say about the friends he had included in the package on Ebay?

10. When he started this business, who did Ian think would be interested in buying his life?

11. What are Ian's plans for the future?

Click here to check the answers.

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