Thursday, 7 May 2015

B2. British Elections

Today May 7, 2015 British citizens exercise their right to vote. Elections are held and a new government will be formed.

Let us review what we learnt this year about the British system. Watch the following video and complete the sentences below:

  1. Britons have a _____________________ system.
  2. A constituency is a _____________________ area containing about 6,000 voters.
  3. The entire country is sliced up into 650 constituencies, which each _______________their own MP.
  4. The party which gets the _________________MPs wins.
  5. MPs are elected under ______________________ system. That means a candidate gets more votes that the other candidate, but not necessarily a majority of the votes _________________.
  6. Anybody can ______________-- as an MP as long as they’re over 18, and either British, Irish, or _____________________citizen, and not an aristocrat, _____________ , or in prison.
  7. The other _________________fact is that elections are mercifully short. By law they only last 25 days.
  8. As the ___________________---of the election, normally one of the main parties wins a _____________, and the leader becomes Prime Minister
  9. As in 2010 we could end up with a ________________parliament. That means no party wins 326 ________________or more.
  10. The government doesn’t just happen. After the election, the queen has to invite somebody to become Prime Minister and ____________________-one. She doesn’t vote and she doesn’t really choose it.

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