Monday, 16 February 2015

B2 - Listening: Trees

Watch the following video about trees:

 After watching the video, match the following words and the definitions below:

1. Wash away: 
2. Bark:  
3. Smooth: 
4. Twig: 
6. Prune:  
7. Snap off: 
8. Evolve:
 9. Broad: 
10. Frond: 
11 Evergreen: 
12. Deciduous: 
13. Shed:
14. Buds: 
15. Sprout: 
16. Sapling: 
17.Vantage point: 
18. Timber: 
19. Abound: 

A. a large or main branch
B. a position that affords a wide perspective
C. a small branch
D. a small tree
E. great in number or quantity
F. begin to grow
G. break a piece from a whole
H.  cast off leaves
I. cut off  dead or living parts or branches of trees or plants
J.  develop
K. immature leaves or petals
L. incapable of producing fruit
M. lacking roughness
N. losing foliage at the end of the season
O. remove by the application of water 
P. perennially fresh
Q. the compound leaf of a palm tree
R. The tough outer covering of  trees
S. wood used as a building material
T. wide

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