Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fifth year - Listening: Martha Stewart's life and career

Watch the following video and answer the questions below:


1. When Martha Stewart was 13, she started a very successful modelling career.
2. She won a scholarship to go to university because of her good marks
3. Martha Stewart's "Entertaining" was the best selling book of all times.
4. In 1993 Martha Stewart's programme was eventually shown on TV every day
5. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went on the New York Stock Exchange.
6. Martha Stewart was accused of insider trading but all the charges were eventually dismissed.
7. After her problems with justice, Martha Stewart pursued her career even further
8. Martha Steawart has attracted criticism too. Many people think that her ideas are unrealistic and old-fashioned

Click here to check your answers.

Like Tim said in class, Martha Stewart is an icon in the United States, and her popularity is so huge that there is a film based on her life. Here's the trailer:

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