Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fifth year - The Legend of Stingy Jack

Watch the following video and complete the sentences below:

1. Stingy Jack invited the devil to have a _______ with him, but true to his name, Stingy Jack didn't want to pay.

2. Somehow he managed to convince the devil to ________ _____ a coin so Jack could use it to buy his ________

3. However, as soon as the devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money for himself and put the coin into his _______ next to a ________ crucifix.

4. This had the effect of ________ the devil from changing back into his original _________ .

5. Jack eventually ________ the devil, but he ________ several conditions beforehand.

6. The first was that athe devil would not _______ Jack for one whole year after that.

7. Should Jack die, he would not be able to _____ his soul. The devil agreed, and Jack let him go.

8. The following year the devil found Jack again, and was determined to see him _________ after the trick that was played on him.

9. However, Jack tricked the devil again, ___________ him into climbing into a tree to ________ a piece of fruit.

10. While he was up in the tree, Jack __________ a sign of the cross into the tree's ______ so the devil was unable to make his way back down again.

11. Once again the devil had to _______ there until he promised Jack that he would never _______ him again for a further ten years.

12. Soon after Jack died and as the legend goes, God refused him ______ into heaven because of his ___________ _______

13. However, neither would the devil allow him into hell as he had already promised not to ___________ hi soul.

14. The devil sent Jack back to the __________, but he was only to appear at night with a piece of burning __________ to light his way.

15. The story goes that Jack put the __________ into a __________ turnip and has roamed the earth with it ever since.

16. The Celts refer to this ___________ figure as Jack of the lantern, but as the centuries passed, it was eventually shortened to Jack-o-lantern.

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