Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fourth year. Listening: university or not?

Watch the video below and complete the sentences with the correct information:

1. When thinking about going to university, young people should consider what their _________ _____________ are going to be.ç

2. Parents' idea of the ____________ of ___________ is probably not the one students would be facing when they finish their education.

3. Tom Mursell decided to ___________ ______ his options to study law at the last minute.

4. Tom Mursell decided to take a __________ ______ to contemplate his options.

5. The cook's apprentice won't go to university because students tend to get ________ __________

6. Most of all, university would equip students with __________ and ________ that would help them more effectively.

7. The girl in the blue top wants to study __________ because she wants to become a teacher and she finds it interesting.

8. The girl in the black coat wants to go to university and do a ___________ because she wants a good job in the future.

9. The mother says she encourages her children to enjoy ___________ . The decision to go to university is _________ ________ them.

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