Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fourth year - 4ºA - Monday 18 January 2010

Summary of the class:

- Vocabulary: money. Click here to see the document we worked on.

- Page 27. Speaking practice: Being extravagant

- Page 27. Reading: Where's My Car? Son steals mum's car.

- Page 27. Reported Speech. Exercises 3 and 4. Click here to see the document about reported speech I sent via email, in case you did not get it.

- Reported Speech: the eight most common lies. Click here to see the copy we worked on.

- Speaking practice: Lies and secrets. Click here to read the questions.

- Speaking practice. Game: spot the lie.

Note: Do you remember Rafa told us about a video about the "nothing-box" in you tube? If you want to have a laugh, click here to watch the video. It is very funny indeed.

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