Wednesday, 15 April 2009

First year - Tuesday 14 April 2009 (1C)

Summary of the class:

- Speaking practice: What did you do on holiday?

- Pages 65, 132 and 133. Grammar: there is, there are, some and any

- Page 65. Pronunciation.

- Page 65. Speaking practice: Your house/flat and your bedroom

- Page 65. Listening. Louise and Harry in the pub

- Speaking practice. Game. In my living room there is...

- Page 66. Prepositions of place: in, in front of, on, under, behind, between, opposite, next to, over

- Page 66. Prepositions of place: Where is the ghost?

- Speaking practice: Where is...?

- Page 66. Reading: A Night in a Haunted Hotel


First two exams in the term:

Tuesday 28 April: Writing. Files 1-5

Thursday 30 April. Listengin. Files 1-5

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