Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ciclo de cine - Semana cultural de la eoi Ayamonte

Yesterday we watched the film "Elizabeth, the Golden Age". The movie is a display of the main events which took place during the reign of Elizabeth I. Cate Blanchett portrays the queen with unique talent and strength. Ten years prior to this film, Ms Blanchett starred in another movie about the queen. It is about the young years of her life and how she came to the throne. I leave you here a sample of the film.

Foreword: Mary I is the queen of England and married to Philip of Spain. During her reign many protestants and heretics were burned to death, and that is why she got her nickname, "Bloody Mary". She believes she is pregnant when she actually has a tumour in her womb. In this excerpt Elizabeth is taken to the Tower of London on charges of treason. I find this video interesting because we get to see how life was in the tower, a terrible place in those times. Enjoy and if you want to see the whole film, it is posted in youtube.

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