Thursday, 16 February 2017

NA2 - Vocabulary: Extreme weather and natural disasters

Watch the following videos to practise the vocabulary:

Complete the sentences while watching the second video:

  1. Rainy weather: You can see the _______________ ______________ on the ground
  2. Hurricane: A huge, slow _______________ tropical storm that forms over water
  3. A storm surge is a huge ______________ that can cause a lot of __________
  4. The ___________weather from a hurricane __________this tree over and knocked down the _____________ ________________
  5. Tornado: A small, ____________ storm made of ______________ winds that form over land
  6. A ___________ tornado picked up a truck and ________________ it into the side of this building
  7. The winds from a tornado can ___________ buildings right apart
  8. This ______________ of lightning looks like it is travelling straight across the sky (***** Be careful with the spelling of lightning on the video. It is wrong!!!)
  9. Flood: An event that happens when a body of water ________________ onto dry land

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