Wednesday, 16 November 2016

NIC - Listening: Transport

Watch the video and fill in the gaps in the text:

  1. The car is probably the most ______________means of transport in the world. It is _______________because you can use it at any time and you can go anywhere. However, the fact that a lot of people use cars lead to traffic jams. Another problem with cars are the exhaust fumes because the exhaust fumes _______________the atmosphere and they cause the greenhouse effect.
  2. The train is more ________________than a car. However, many people think that the train is out of ____________________and that it is not as _________________because it is ____________________. When you have to go by train, you have to go to a train station, find the right platform, and then __________________ ________ the train. Once you get inside a carriage, you can see that the inside is very comfortable and you can ________________there. When the train leaves, we say that it _____________________. It is the departure.
  3. The plane is much more __________________nowadays because it is fast and a lot of _________________people use it. When you want to buy a ticket you use the Internet and the ________________ _______________. Then you have to go to the airport. At the airport you check in your __________________and then you receive your ________________ ____________. Then you have to go through the security. Nowadays the security is pretty tough because a lot of people are afraid of the ___________________ ____________________. Then you get into a departure lounge. You can go _______________________ shopping, but most of the people just relax. Then they call the number of your departure gate and you get on the plane. When your plane lands at the airport where you want to finish your journey, you usually have to go through the _____________________ ____________________into the area which is called baggage reclaim. The baggage reclaim area is the place where you collect your ___________________ and then you can go wherever you want.
  4. In the past travelling by ship used to be very popular for ______________ ___________________. Today it is used mainly for going on holidays or on some adventurous ________________. Ferries are different types of ships. These are used daily by some people and they travel for __________________ ___________________. These are for example in New York, or between England and France.
  5. This is the subway or underground in British English. It is used in big cities and it is pretty _____________and a lot of people use it.
  6. Here are buses. Buses are not as _______________________ as trains, but they are still better than cars. And here comes the _____________double-decker. Double-deckers are typical for London.
  7. And here we can see a taxi. Taxis are very _________________in cities with you don’t know because the taxi driver will take you wherever you need to go, but you have to be __________________. Some of them cheat.
  8. And here are trams. Trams are very _______________ in big cities, but they are _______________to go by for people who aren’t _______________because the systems of tram _____________are very old and complicated.
  9. And this is not a tram. It’s a cable car. Cable cars are used in San Francisco. They are pulled by rope built in the _____________.

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