Tuesday, 4 October 2016

B2. Listening: The Third of May by Francisco de Goya

Watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. How big is the painting?
  2. What does the painting depict?
  3. How does the narrator describe the following elements in the painting?
    1. The soldiers:
    2. The central figure:
    3. The other men:
    4. The line of men:
    5. The monk:
    6. The woman:
    7. The setting:
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Now watch the video about the painting's analysis and answer the questions:

What is the mood according to the narrator?

What does she say about the colours?

What is chiaroscuro? Where can it be seen?

Complete the sentences:

The central figure is the ___________________

The implied lines of the rifles __________________ to the central figure

The line is reiterated in the __________________ and the pants of the man. 

There is a line in the sand o_____________ and _______________

The French soldiers almost look like ____________________

The French soldiers turn away from the viewer. We don’t know what they __________________

We can see into the faces of the Spanish countrymen. We can see ____________, we can see _____________, we can see __________________

What does she say about the texture of the French soldiers and the Spanish    countrymen?

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