Wednesday, 13 April 2016

NA1 - Tuesday 12 April 2016

Summary of the class:

- Speaking: positive and negative aspects of social media

- Grammar: reporting verbs

-Brainstorming: new technologies

- Vocabulary: new technologies

- Speaking: New technologies. Click here to read the questions

- Speaking: How has the world changed?

- Grammar: used to // would // get used to // be used to

- Speaking: used to / get used to


- Activities on page 143: used to, get used to, be used to

- Positive and negative aspects of social media: choose a task:

a. Write a for-and-against essay
b. Write an opinion essay: Do you think social media is positive or negative?
c. Use the topic to make a monologue, record yourself, and then you can give me your monologue on a memory stick

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