Wednesday, 27 January 2016

NA1. B2. Listening: 50 Things to do before you die

Watch the following videos and answer the questions:

Travelling on the Orient Express

    1. What cities do they depart from and arrive in?
    2. What other surprise does the man (Jack) have?
    3. Complete: As Jack and Shelley tuck into a ______________ dinner, their ___________is transformed for bedtime

Macchu Pichu

  1. What did Elizabeth and her husband want to do this year? Why didn’t it happen?
  2. Why does she think people might look at her strangely?
  3. Complete:
    1. Machu Picchu was thought to be the ___________city of the Incas
    2. It’s still thought of as a very _______________ place
    3. Lots of people go there as a ________________
  4. What is her personal purpose for visiting Machu Picchu?

See the Everest

  1. How long does the trek take?
  2. Complete:
    1. The walking was ____________, taking up to eight hours a day
    2. They also have to acclimatise to _______________ __________________
  3. Who has the hardest job
  4. Complete: Nothing is impossible if...

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