Thursday, 20 November 2014

First year - Listening: What do they do?

Watch the following video and complete the sentences below about the professions of the people on the video. Watch the end of the video with subtitles to check your answers.

Ved el video y completad las oraciones sobre las profesiones de las personas que aparecen. Para comprobar vuestras respuestas, al final de video se vuelve a repetir con subtítulos.

What do people do?

1. Alan is a/an ___________________
2. Charlie is a/an _________________
3. Dave and Kevin are _____________
4. Helen is a/an___________________ and Mark is a/an___________________
5. Maureen is a/an ________________ and Nicola is a/an __________________
6. Harry is a/an _______________
7. Eileen is a/an ______________
8. Myra is a/an store ___________
9. Paul is a/an _________________
10. Stu is a/an _________________
11. Mary is ___________________ at the moment.
12. Jeffrey is a traffic warden

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