Wednesday, 12 March 2014

B1. Listening: Visiting Bath

Watch the video below and answer the questions:


1. Bath has many fine examples of…
        a. Victorian Architecture
        b. Modern Architecture
        c. Georgian Architecture
        d. Edwardian Architecture
2. Bath is a city which is famous for what?
        a. Its football teams
        b. Its spa water and hot springs
        c. Its cakes, pastries, and biscuits
        d. Its beaches
3. Bath is associated with which of these famous English writers?
        a. William Shakespeare
        b. JK Rowling
        c. Charlotte Bronte
        d. Jane Austen
4. Bath is…
        a. One of the least visited places in Britain
        b. One of Britain’s most popular destinations and a World Heritage site
        c. One of the most densely populated cities in Britain
        d. One of the most modern cities in Britain
5. What is the name of Bath’s most famous row of houses?
        a. Regency Crescent
        b. Roman Crescent
        c. Georgian Crescent
        d. Royal Crescent
6. Bath has…
       a. The best collection of Roman pottery in the world
       b. The best preserved Roman baths in the world
       c. The best preserved Roman walls in the world
      d. The best preserved Roman villa in the world

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