Thursday, 9 May 2013


One of the programmes which exemplifies British stereotypes is Little Britain. The actors (Matt Lucas and David Walliams) parody different sectors of British society, and their humour is so politically incorrect that you have to laugh yourself silly.  It was a very popular programme in Britain at the time, so that proves the Brits have a good sense of humour.

These are videos in which you can see the different characters these two actors play:

- Daffy, the only gay in a very little village in Wales.

Harvey who is a young man, but also a mummy's boy.

Lou and Andy: Lou is a carer who dedicates his life to looking after wheelchair-bound Andy. Andy makes things very difficult for Lou. What Lou doesn't know is that there's nothing wrong with Andy's legs, and whenever he turns his back, Andy's off out of his chair.

Marjorie Dowes: She is the terrifying leader of weight loss support group Fatfighters.Every week, she humiliates the group for being so overweight , while all the time oblivious to her own size.

Vicky Pollard:Vicky Pollard is a common teenage delinquent. She talks very, very, very fast!!!!!

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