Saturday, 17 April 2010

First year - Listening: House description

Listen to Nicola talking about her house in Australia and answer the questions below:

1) Where are there lots of paintings?
a) In the kitchen
b) In the living room
c) In the bedroom

2) What is in the kitchen?
a) Oven and utensils
b) Table and chairs
c) Microwave

3) Where is the bookshelf?
a) In the bedroom
b) In the living room
c) In the study

4) What is in the livingroom?
a) One couch
b) Two couches
c) Pool table

5) What is there in the bathroom?
a)A bath and a basin
b)A shower, a basin and a cupboard.
c)A basin and a cupboard

Click here to read the script.

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