Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fourth year - Listening: Acupuncture

Listen to the following article and say whether the statements below are TRUE or FALSE.

1. William Osler is a medical doctor.
2. He thinks drugs are the best way to treat illness.
3. Reflexology is an alternative medical treatment.
4. The author is scared of needles.
5. The author's experience of acupuncture was a good one.
6. An acupuncturist inserts needles in body organs.
7. Henry Kissinger had his appendix removed in China.
8. A lot of doctors believed that acupuncture doesn't work.
9. Acupuncture does work for some medical problems.
10. Acupuncture is only used to treat people who are ill.
11. Tony Blair uses acupuncture to relieve stress.
12. The Queen of England uses alternative medicine.

Click here to read the script and check your answers.

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