Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hello, Lebrija

I would like to say hello to my new students in Lebrija and I hope we have a very fruitful and intense year. As I told you in the induction session, assessment will be carried out in three terms and you will have to succeed in the four language skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.

The books for this year are:

Second year: New Inside Out. Pre-Intermediate. Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones. MacMillan. Student's book + Workbook

Grammar for second year. Grammarway2. Student's Book with answers. Jenny Dooley. Express Publishing

Fourth year: Face2Face. Upper Intermediate. Chris Redston and Gillie Cunningham. Cambridge. Student's Book + Workbook

Grammar for fourth year. MacMillan English grammar in Context Advanced. Michael Vince. MacMillan.

To start with, I'd like to add a humorous touch. Watch this video and I hope you don't have so many problems with English as this poor man.